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Time for the Confetti Cannon!

18 Dec

No, I’m not pregnant again.

Baby number two negotiations have just begun.

And I’m not a big time published author. Yet.

Although we do hope to have some short stories out on Amazon in the next couple months.

And it’s not…

Oh, I can’t stand it.

I’m a size 6!

That’s right. The pants I am sitting in right now are a pair of 5/6.

They’re zipped up and everything!

Over a pair of leggings for warmth!!

I wore a dress a couple days ago that hasn’t fit me for over 6 years.

We got it for my high school graduation celebration at church.

Yes, this is that cool.

So, are you ready?

Here goes…


If I get back down here after the second baby I may have to throw an actual party. lol


Now I have to go buy new pants and skirts.

No, this is not fake complaining. I dislike clothes shopping. :/

Oh, well, at least it could be an interesting afternoon out with Lonnie. We need to get some last minute Christmas shopping done anyway.

Another gusty sigh.

You know what? I’m just going to go back to the fact that I’m back to my ideal size and leave it there.

Hooray for size 6!!! 😀

Now I just need to find me a really twirly skirt and I’m all set to play the little girly-girl. 🙂






Shrinking To The Real Me

27 Jul
Where's my silver lining?

Where’s my silver lining?


From deep within

A cry begins.

There is no escape

From this monstrous shape.

I see what is true,

It cannot continue.

This dress size you see

Is not the real me.

The workouts may hurt,

And the diet is work,

But I will not fail

To step on the scale.

My husband deserves

A woman with curves.

It will take some time,

For I’ve passed size nine,

But I will persevere

In shrinking my rear.

Because I miss that black dress

That made my husband confess

That his wife is a 10,

And he, the luckiest of men.

*            *            *

I did not realize how painful this poem is until I read it aloud (a crucial step in my proof-reading).

I almost cried. 

I really liked being the trophy wife, his midlife crisis,…being the reason this former bachelor’s friends did a double take when he introduced his wife. Perhaps it’s my age catching up with me, or the fact that we can’t afford to go to places that call for tall heels and slinky dresses, but it is glaringly obvious that this woman/wife needs to find a way to recapture some of the sexy that she forgot she has.

But for now, I am going to go to bed and try not to cry myself to sleep. Tomorrow is going to be another busy day and I’m going to need all the rest I can get.


Nope, I think the crying is going to happen.

Sorry pillow, you are going to get wet.