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#MirthMusicMon – Is Monday Really That Bad?

12 Jan

I think, to a certain extent, that Monday gets something of a bad rap.

I mean, not everyone has a Monday through Friday schedule. A lot of businesses are even closed on Mondays (i.e. some Chinese restaurants, salons, spas). Many people suffer through Tuesdays the same way others endure Mondays.

Then there are those poor people on flex shift; never sure if they’re coming or going. :/

But, since you have to choose a day to villain-ize, this is called Mirth and Music Monday.

However, if you hate Wednesdays feel free to continue doing so. You never know, it may catch on. 😉


This first video is sooo appropriate when you think of all the snow America (sorry everyone else) has received these last couple months.


Poor guy. But just think how happy he must have made one of his neighbors! (*shakes head* Poor Rose. Always reaching for that silver lining.)


If you love animals, you might enjoy this comparison of Friday versus Monday:


lol  I just realized that the critters in this video are surrounded by snow, too. Looky there. A theme.


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**Sorry this post is so late. I came down with a brain eating cold last night. Any prayers and positive vibes would be very welcome, especially since next Sunday is my due date. Birth will be hard enough without struggling through a cough, too.**




#MirthMusicMon – Turkey and Snow

24 Nov

It’s time for Mirth and Music Monday! The time of the week when we do our best to get your belly laughs and toe taps in before the rest of the day/week makes you want to kill something.

Thanksgiving is just a few days away. For this household that means Thanksgiving lunch and Thanksgiving dinner. If I had more than just the one real in-law we would have to throw in a Thanksgiving breakfast or midnight snack. However, the food is always good, the company is engaging and the kids are a royal distraction (but when are they not?). I’m one to speak, though, this time next year I’ll be playing merry he-ck trying to keep little fingers out of my own gravy.

Then there’s snow.

Around here we don’t usually see actual snow fall until a couple days before Christmas, and even that is more of a token “Here’s your white Christmas” type thing. The ‘real’ snow doesn’t usually happen until about New Years and immediately gets down to the business of looking less than idyllic.

This year it seems as though we went straight from a lovely indian summer to the depths of winter with barely a week of what we would call fall (or autumn in some circles).

I’m not complaining, though. It wouldn’t do any good.

If you would like to hear some complaining ask me about how this pregnancy is going.

But that’s whole blog post unto its self.  😉


This week I have found 2 music videos by a very ingenious family with the name Holderness. One about Thanksgiving and another about snow. Thus my title. 🙂




I am so glad my husband can cook. So glad.




How is your fall/autumn going? I know for some of my followers it’s just gearing up for the hottest part of the year where they live. So technically it’s your summer. Right? Of course I have been know to be very, very wrong, so please let me know what this time of year is called for you.


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Until next time,

Have a Great week!




A Complaint to Weather — A Poem

8 Feb

Weather, you fickle, disloyal thing,

How could you cover us in snow like this?

Don’t you know winter should be waning,

Preparing for spring time rain and mist.

I am ready for flowers and bird song.

No more of this gloom and cold.

Please, Weather, bring on the sun,

Before insanity takes hold.

*        *        *

The weather is getting squirrely here. I know it’s just our turn, but we already had snow. Now it’s just piling higher. What is worrying me is the couple days in the 40’s we’re supposed to have around the middle of this coming week. With all this snow I hope the area doesn’t get flooded out.  :/ 


But at least someone gets a kick out of snow:






I’m Going Eclectic On You Today

8 Dec

Today’s activities came to a screeching halt before they had even gotten started.

We got out of bed this morning to find that six inches of snow had fallen over night.

We were ready for, like, two inches.

Then the snow plow thing came by, and gave us a very nice two foot wall of snow at the end of our driveway. So thoughtful. That’s exactly what we wanted. How did you know?


So a couple of phone calls were made, and a snow day was in effect.


Those are great when you have things clearly lined up for a day stuck home. Today however my mind had been all ready for running around and getting half a dozen things done.

To compensate, however, I got to spend a ton of time reading another book in this absorbing series. A lot of fun, but hardly what I would call an accomplishment. Oh, well.


More opera!!!


What a voice.  😀 


In the midst of the day, I also came across an interesting video about how long it takes to become competent at a new thing. Turns out that ten thousand hour thing has been twisted out of it’s original context over the last several years.

Watch this if you have the time. If not, I’ll understand… sort of.  😉 

Seriously, it is just about twenty minutes long, so don’t feel bad if you don’t have the time right now.

If you’re worried about it being boring, don’t be. He’s pretty entertaining.



If you could learn something in forty-five minutes a day

for about a month, what would you try?

If I had the resources: Tango, piano, Italian, belly dancing, Tongsu Do, how to chop veggies up really, really fast!