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The Circle of Words, Among Other Things

23 Jul
From the Before to the After of a fit of inspired writing.

From the Before to the After, a fit of inspired writing.


Roiling and boiling these thoughts bubble deep.

While tossing and turning they occupy my sleep.

This is nothing new

I have no other view

Twisting and spinning they build new worlds.

An artificial life, my mind unfurls.

My mind stews

Waiting for cues

I can no longer contain the words

They fall out in one long surge

Thoughts glow

Words flow

My mind, left spent and reeling

Has a peculiar empty feeling

Perhaps a snack

And then a nap




Roiling and boiling these thoughts bubble deep…


*            *            *


Today felt more like a Sunday than a Monday.  After a morning spent surfing Facebook and Twitter, fiddling around but accomplishing nothing solid, I decided to try this speech to text program again.  For some odd reason it’s working much better today.  My fingers are crossed that this new trend will continue.


As you can see I managed to be creative today.  Along with this poem I have also crafted a little piece of flash fiction.  Steam punk flash fiction to be exact.  I did not realize that mini-stories could be so much fun to write!


Going back to the subject of Sunday, we went and saw the new movie REDS 2.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes shoot-em-ups but cannot stand blood and gore.  I’m kind of hoping for a third movie.  Did I say kind of? I meant really.


*the mic thumps, and the speakers squeak*

Do we have any steam punk fans in the audience tonight?


For those of you who saw REDS 2 what are your thoughts?



Playing With My Computer, A Wild Adventure

20 Jul

At least for me it is.

I’m not too sure how adventurous or interesting you will find it.


I turned on my computer’s speech-to-text program this afternoon. Lonnie found me a mic that hangs from my ear. I went back through the tutorial, and ventured forth into a grand new world of verbal freedom. Or so I thought.

Nearly every sentence needs edited in at least two places. The dratted program doesn’t automatically capitalize the beginning of a sentence if it has quotation marks first. Half the long words (6 or more letters) get broken into smaller ones that sound sort of like my intended choice.

I am being told that in a week or two it should be zeroed in for my voice and speech pattern, but that kind of defeats the purpose. I turned the program on so that I could still work on these projects while I have an incapacitated hand. By the time the speech-to-text is finally working right, the wrist should be healed, and I won’t need it anymore.

Yet another lesson in patience.

I should learn it one of these days. Maybe after that life won’t have so many obnoxious speed bumps.

Who am I kidding?

One of my favorite movie lines is from The Princess Bride when Inigo says “I hate waiting.”


Because, you guessed it, I hate waiting.

*            *            *


*            *            *

On a lighter note, my husband discovered several Steam Punk magazines that are open to submissions of flash fiction. So, today (right after he told me) I sat down and told the computer a story. Then had to edit the snot out of it because it was totally messed up. I have a very nice post London Blitz what-if scenario flash story. Six hundred and fifty words (last time I checked).

I think I’ll get the submission details and fire it off as soon as possible. That way I won’t have time to play my own what-if game and psych myself out of sending it.

I got a little ways into a zombie flash before my honey set a plate of lasagna in front of me. Hopefully that one will be finished some time tomorrow.

If all goes reasonably well I’m considering making it a point to write a Steam Punk flash fiction piece a week. If nothing else it will give me more practice at finishing a writing project. Heh. *Looks guiltily around the room* Not that I have trouble with that or anything.

*            *            *

Have you ever sent something in to a magazine (e-zines included)?

Did they publish it? What happened?


What kind of results do you get out of any speech-to-text programs you use?


The New, Super Duper Wrist Brace!

19 Jul

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Let me introduce you to…

The most recently invented mid-evil torture device:

Top side of the mid-evil torture device


Underside of the mid-evil torture device.


At least it’s done in nice shades of grey. Less likely to clash with my very expensive, highly thought out wardrobe. (You’re catching the sarcasm there, right?).

On the plus side, maybe this ouch will heal a little faster.

On the down side it really is next to impossible to use on a keyboard.

I know, I know. Rest the wrist. But darn it! I have so many words and ideas that need to be captured!

Tomorrow I may do a little exploring on this poor old computer (I love you. Please keep working.) and see if I can dredge up Acer’s version of speech-to-text. It’s not the greatest thing, but it’s better than 8 words a minute. lol

Well, I am just plain tuckered out. So I’m going to head for my pillow and pray I don’t beat myself to death in my sleep with a store-bought version of a velcro-on cast.

*            *            *

Bonus Round!!!

Things I Have Learned How To Do Left-Handed:

  • Eat
  • Make Coffee
  • Make tea
  • Er…the bathroom
  • Open doors
  • Close doors
  • Tweet
  • Navigate Facebook

I think tomorrow will be the left-handed hair brushing lesson.

Not to mention that my nails are getting ridiculously long.

Life is going to be a non-stop adventure for the foreseeable future!

Plus side: This thing totally won’t fit in a dish glove. 😉