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This Is So Obnoxious! or Who Wants To Write A Creepy Book For Me?

6 Jul

I had a nightmare last night.

One of my nightmares that seems to go back multiple times to fix it’s own plot errors until it has the situation good and scary.

These are usually perfect sci-fi novel fodder.

Except that I really do not want to write that kind of book!

Especially not the mind bending, medical/science-y, creepy-crawly stuff. It would take lots of research to find out what the WHO, the CDC, and American Government would do.

Then there’s the icky, creepy stuff!

It doesn’t just make my skin crawl, it makes it stand up on the table, lift it’s skirts, and scream that someone should do something about the thing that’s scuttling around on the floor!!!

(My big, strong, manly-man husband didn’t even want me to finish telling him the details)

*            *            *

I am pathetic. This is about as creepy as I can handle:


Actually, I’m not kidding that much. :/

A sister talked me into watching Constantine when it first came out. *shudders* At the end of the movie she had bruises in her thigh from where my fingers had latched onto her. I was jumpy for months afterward.

*            *            *

Does anyone want to write this for me?

I have already handed a couple synopsis of other dreams to that sister and her husband. They’re so busy I’m not sure when those stories will get done. So I guess I’m in the market for someone who would be willing to take this idea and run with it.

If there’s anyone out there who has always wanted to write the next Alien/Arachniphobia/Independence Day all rolled into one give me a holler in the comments below, or on Twitter, or Facebook, or by tin can.

We’ll see if we’re compatible, and what you think of an abbreviated synopsis. (Why is the word abbreviated so dang long?!)


I realize that this is not the normal channel for finding a writer, but I am not normal, and I’m not really looking for normal. This book would not be normal!

Also, I will not be able to afford an up-front fee…yeah, sooo that right there is going to cut the throngs of potential authors back by a good, oh…100%.

But, let’s see what happens, huh?


Outlining I Killed Them, Mama

8 Apr


I have gotten tired of floundering around in the plot, so I have taken a couple of days and been working on the outline.

The book has changed quite a bit over the last two days.

For example, when I was lamenting that it might not be long enough to be an actual novel a sister suggested that I use the diary entries as intros into each new development. From there I could slip into third party perspective and show, rather than tell, what was going on.  

Here is the first bit of my outline for I Killed Them, Mama:

  1. Amelia May Green is now Mrs. Lawrence.
    1. Describe the wedding a little bit.
    2. Say how she doesn’t understand why her mother was so concerned about her future if she followed family tradition and allowed her father to select her husband.
    3. Also explain that she is starting this diary “Since you left a journal of your life for me to read, I have started one for my future children.”
  2. Back from the honeymoon.
    1. Describe the trip in a paragraph or two.
    2. Then moving into the house.
    3. They decide to wait a few months before trying for kids.
  3. He’s starting to get rude and a bit verbally abusive. She thinks it’s just about something going on at work, and tries to keep him happy at home by making extra yummy dinners.
  4. He hits her.
    1. She is confused.
    2. When she goes shopping no one seems to notice the bruise and split lip.
  5. It’s been two weeks and he’s hit her a couple more times, also over stupid little things.
    1. She is not lying down and taking this.
    2. She tries to talk to her father about the abuse, but he just asks her what she did to provoke him.
    3. She tells her father-in-law (from now on it’s FIL), and he just treats it like it’s part of marriage.
    4. She goes to the family attorney and he says that it’s typical to the first few months of every marriage.
    5. She’s not convinced.
  6. It’s been another week and he’s hit her twice more.
    1. She goes to the police, and the sergeant won’t even look her in the eye when he tells her there’s nothing they can do.
    2. She’s starting to realize that the rumors of her new ‘family’ having the town under its thumb are not without merit.
    3. She decides that the people involved in getting her into this situation must die. It’s just a matter of how.
    4. FIL must have talked with hubby because now he’s hitting her in places that don’t easily show.

    *        *        *

How many of you have written a story or book off an outline?

Was it easier or harder than flying by the seat of your pants?

*        &        *

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