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#MirthMusicMon – Turkey and Snow

24 Nov

It’s time for Mirth and Music Monday! The time of the week when we do our best to get your belly laughs and toe taps in before the rest of the day/week makes you want to kill something.

Thanksgiving is just a few days away. For this household that means Thanksgiving lunch and Thanksgiving dinner. If I had more than just the one real in-law we would have to throw in a Thanksgiving breakfast or midnight snack. However, the food is always good, the company is engaging and the kids are a royal distraction (but when are they not?). I’m one to speak, though, this time next year I’ll be playing merry he-ck trying to keep little fingers out of my own gravy.

Then there’s snow.

Around here we don’t usually see actual snow fall until a couple days before Christmas, and even that is more of a token “Here’s your white Christmas” type thing. The ‘real’ snow doesn’t usually happen until about New Years and immediately gets down to the business of looking less than idyllic.

This year it seems as though we went straight from a lovely indian summer to the depths of winter with barely a week of what we would call fall (or autumn in some circles).

I’m not complaining, though. It wouldn’t do any good.

If you would like to hear some complaining ask me about how this pregnancy is going.

But that’s whole blog post unto its self.  😉


This week I have found 2 music videos by a very ingenious family with the name Holderness. One about Thanksgiving and another about snow. Thus my title. 🙂




I am so glad my husband can cook. So glad.




How is your fall/autumn going? I know for some of my followers it’s just gearing up for the hottest part of the year where they live. So technically it’s your summer. Right? Of course I have been know to be very, very wrong, so please let me know what this time of year is called for you.


If you would like to see who else is playing along with Mirth and Music Monday (or #MirthMusicMon) click HERE.

That’s also where you can input your own blog post if you choose to join in the weekly madness.  I can’t promise instant fame and riches, but we could whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough. That’s almost the same, right? 😀

Until next time,

Have a Great week!





So What Are You Thankful For?

28 Nov

You want to hear mine first?

(probably cause you can’t think of anything right off the top of your head, huh?)

Alright, then.

I am thankful for:

Food, warmth, and my amazing husband.

My crazy, irritating, entertaining, strange, and strangely supportive family.

The internet, my smart phone, and our car.

Tea, chocolate and ice cream (yes, I know I already covered food. I’m especially thankful for these, though, so shhh.)

My writing ability, all the books I get to read, the fact that I don’t totally suck at typing.

I am also thankful for all of you, my followers. The way you kinda give a crap about what I have been doing, actually commenting and liking my posts, and in general helping to prop up my fragile writer’s self-worth. It really does mean a lot to me.

So thank you, blog followers. Thank you.


Here’s a little bit of not-sappy info about Thanksgiving. Enjoy!



Happy Thanksgiving!

My Cheesy Turkey - cropped



MMM… A Thanksgiving Play… Sort Of

25 Nov

This Monday, in honor of Thanksgiving, I have decided on a clip from an Addams Family movie. This bit always makes me laugh because I have been sent to camps which almost felt like this. Full of condescending girls, false cheerfulness, and painful to recite skits. Deep down in my naughty little heart, I kinda wish Wednesday had been there to help me endure them.




Thank goodness the camps I attended only lasted a week. Otherwise, I might have gotten into some sort of trouble… at least, thought really hard about it. I’m too much of a goody two shoes to do anything outward, really. *sigh*


If you want to see more Mirth and Music Monday, or if you would like to play along with us, hop on over to ReGi McClain’s blog. She has a bug-eyed blue froggy at the top right of her page. Click on that happy linky to be taken to the list of bloggers participating this week.

Have fun, and…

Have a Great Monday!


A Little Of This And A Little Of That And Presto A Poem

24 Nov

I am so uninspired this evening it’s almost painful. So I’m going to talk about a whole range of random things from the last couple of days and hope to come up with something. Fingers crossed this works.

*            *            *

First off, Lonnie and I have taken a couple of baby steps toward (hopefully) putting an office together where people can come in and rent an office space by the hour. We have looked at one place that’s up for rent, and have the number of the realtor for another possible location.

On Thursday afternoon we put in a call to our law firm about how we will want to get things set up for starting this business with crowdfunding. The last thing we want to do is screw something up in the first couple of weeks. That would really put a damper on things. (no duh, Rose)  The lawyer we talked with is scheduled to call us back Monday afternoon with her opinion on things, and hopefully we can move forward with a crowdfunding campaign by the end of this week. Hopefully. We’ll have to hear what she has to say about what needs to be set up before we start.  :/ 

My wonderful husband is also looking into grants as well.

Needless to say, my brain is about to explode.

I think I’ll stick with helping with the business plan, playing with the cost projections, and trying to decide which site to go through for raising the funds. If you miss me on Twitter and other places in the internet world, please, say a little prayer for our sanity as we stare at the instructions for how to create a five-year projection and write a business plan; and dream up marketing ideas for the fundraising and the future business.

(It’s going to be great once everything is set up, but for right now…?

Okay, enough of trying not to hyperventilate. On to something else.)

*            *            *

Jay and I have started reading Louis L’Amour’s The Shadow Riders. Our first sitting we finished the 3rd chapter. Already really sucked in. He has seen the movie, but I have no idea what is coming and I am on the edge of my seat. It’s so frustrating being so interested in a book that’s sitting on my phone, but only being able to read it once a week.

By now you’ve probably figured out that I try my best not to have to cancel days with Jay.  lol

*            *            *

Thanksgiving is almost here and I can not wait.

The pumpkin pie is already calling my name.

One problem with this whole food thing… I have decided to go back onto my diet after Thanksgiving.

Part of me died typing that out.

It’s not a hard diet, really. It’s just the avoidance of refined sugar, almost all simple carbohydrates, and most fruit. I know it will be a lot better for my health, my blood sugar swings will stop being as dramatic, and I will have more energy, but it’s difficult to be really excited.

One thing I will allow myself this time is one of those little wrapped Dove or Hershey’s dark chocolate squares a day. You know those little piece that are wrapped in foil, and in reality there’s like five of them to a serving? Yeah, one a day. Believe me when I say, those things will be savored.

*            *            *


My mind is empty

No words to fill

I’ve tried for hours

No thoughts to spill

The page lies blank

Just an accusing stare

Nothing to write

So nothing is there


*            *            *

Hah! I did it!  😀 

A spur of the moment photo shoot that really paid off.  :)

A spur of the moment photo shoot that really paid off. 🙂