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#MirthMusicMon – Yay, A New Post!

13 Mar

The kid is asleep, the linky has been changed over, and pumpkin pie is waiting as a reward for getting this done in a timely manner. Let’s do this! 🙂

Kathleen is two, now, and loves anything on wheels, or four legs, for that matter.

I may have to see what she thinks of this song in the morning. Although, she may want one…




That’s it for me this week.

If you liked what you saw, or didn’t but are willing to give the idea another chance, click HERE to go to the link up of all the bloggers doing #MirthMusicMon this week. (Thanks to the creator of this weekly idea, ReGi McClain! 🙂 )

If you should decide to join in on the Mirth and Music Monday fun as a blogger you’re more than welcome. All you’d need to do is find something funny and something musical, create your post, then add it’s URL to the linky on the other side of the above link. It’s easy. 🙂




#MirthMusicMon – Childhood and Parenting = funny?

20 Oct



I remember Saturday, a day full of sugar and laughing, and saying thank you as I opened baby shower gifts.

Sunday was something of a blur that lasted like five minutes. I had a nap… I think.

Now all of a sudden it’s Monday.

Oh, well.

Let’s make the best of it by playing with Mirth and Music Monday!  🙂

This week I found some comedy about the realities of childhood, and then some songs about parenting. Let’s see which experience makes us laugh harder.

First is childhood. At least it’s in chronological order, right?



I don’t know what it was called, but I remember after I burned a knee once one of my parents sprayed some stuff on it and I kid you not it hurt almost as much as the original burning sensation. I think we had to wash it off to make me stop making horrible noises. Youch.

And yes, I did attempt to play on a couple of playgrounds while we were living in Texas. One word: Don’t. I don’t know what brainiac decided to use little black rocks as the safety stuff at the bottom of a particular playground in Corpus Cristi, but it was impossible to even get to the slide.


Then we come to parenthood, in the form of songs. Let’s see what you think of these new versions of popular songs.



I’m not there yet, but I could see myself at least humming a couple of these in a few years. lol


What do you think? Did those paddle ball things drive you nuts every Christmas (and then the elastic string would break just as you started getting on a roll)?

Have you sung the “with or without you” song?

I am so looking forward to some horror stories, here. 😀


And that’s it for me this week. Click HERE to see who else has decided to join in on Mirth and Music Monday.

That’s also the link you will want to follow if you wish to join in on the merriment.


Have a Great week!





MMM… Tim’s Childhood and Fishin’

4 Nov

Hey! Yesterday was this blog’s first birthday!

…Happy Birthday, dear bloggy. Happy Birthday to…

What? It’s taken a lot of work.

Well, some work. For the most part it has been a total blast.  😀

And I do have to thank all of you for reading, following, liking and commenting. It really has been your input that has kept me going over this first year. So, Thank You!


Enough sap.

It’s time for another Mirth and Music Monday!

Today I’m looking back at childhood. That magical time of discovery and play. That time you look back on and think… How did I actually survive that?!?


Here’s the mirth:


&            &            &

Here’s the music:



Oh, I forgot (sniff) that one makes me tear up. I love his voice, and the idea of a daddy taking the time to get to know his little girl, and create memories with her. (Just like my daddy did. 🙂  Cause my daddy’s awesome.)


If you enjoyed this and you are wanting more, you can see more Mirth and Music Monday by going over to ReGi McClain’s blog. She’s the creator of this humorous and lyrical Monday meme. Not only does she post a MMM, she also has a couple little blue froggy things on the right side of her blog page. Click on the top one and it will take you to a list of links of all the people playing along this week.

And if you really like it you can add your own funny and musical post! Don’t be shy, we don’t bite. 🙂


My First MMM Post

24 Jun

My friend ReGi McClain has come up with an idea for a Monday blog post Meme. I’ll just quote her explination, it’s better than I could re-tell.

As for Mondays, I’m introducing a new meme, which will be called simply Mmm.

Mmm, in this case, stands for Mirth and Music Monday. Each Monday, I’ll find something funny and something musical with which to start out your week, or, in my case, end it. If you want to play along, there’s a linky in the side-bar.

Here’s the link to her first installment: MMM… A New Meme for Monday

Well, I decided to play along. 🙂  This looks like too much fun to pass up.

So I hope you all enjoy the video I found. I certainly have (it made me laugh off and on for two days).

Tim Hawkins l Pretty Pink Tractor – Official Music Video


Here’s the link in case this page doesn’t want to load the video for you.


Happy Monday! 😀