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Is It Just Me…?

12 Nov

Is it just me or are the days going a little bit faster this week?

Is it just me or does it feel like last month was July?

Is it just me or is Christmas coming toward us on a bullet train?


Perhaps my perspective on time is a little wonky this year…or decade.



Yup, that would be my luck. Find out how to reverse the aging process and it’s antidote both in the same day. Uh-huh.


But seriously, if you could save time in a bottle who would you choose to spend it on?


Out Of Time? and I’ve Made Progress!

11 Jul

Victoria's Driftwood Wall Clock

Here the nights come.

There the days go.

Years whip by fast.

Moments seem so slow.

Grab each minute.

Make it count.

Your time doesn’t come

From an endless fount.


It’s strange. I can sit in front of a blank screen and sometimes a poem just comes to me, rarely do I have to struggle to find another rhyming word.

Other times I may as well be blowing soap bubbles with as much poetry as comes to mind.

As usual, this one just popped out. Like it or not. If not, wait a few days, you may like the next one that comes to mind. 🙂


At the end of another day.

I was able to add another 3 1/2 pages to my current WIP.  😀

I would give you an excerpt (yes I am that happy with it), except that the more I think about it, the more it seems I am benefiting from the fascination of having a project that is super secret. In some ways I am even in the dark. I had thought the plot was pretty well laid out in my head, but today my main male character decided to take matters into his own hands and totally threw things off for me. Now I seem to just be along for the ride. 🙂

Hopefully I will be able to keep up with this writing pace. It seems to really help with the creative process to be sure to stay uber excited about what you are going to write next. Right now, though, my hands are still tired from the hour and 15 minutes it took me to write those pages. It’s a good tired, though. It makes me smile and remember my accomplishment.

Wishing you luck with your dreams.

– Rose D’Andrea