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#MirthMusicMon – Critters and BFFs

9 Nov

Kathleen loves animals.

Dogs and cats make her light up like a Christmas tree.

She saw a mouse inspecting a dog bowl a few weeks ago and tried to get its attention.

She’s pouting right now because one of our porch cats left the window and hasn’t responded to her requests to come back into view. lol

So it’s no surprise that she enjoys this video. Even though she’s too young to appreciate the humor.



And because it makes me giggle:



Have a Great week, you!


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#MirthMusicMon – Oh, Santa!

22 Dec

It’s Monday and therefor time for Mirth and Music Monday!

You would think that yesterday being Sunday would have clued me in, buuut, apparently not. It snuck up on me.

You have no idea of the cluttered, half-thought-out, eclectic mess that my brain is in right now. But you’re about to get clued in. That is, if you’re brave enough.

Come. Come see. Bwahahahaha!


First I have for you a cute and funny little song from VeggieTales:


Yeah, I think a couple of veggies made the naughty list.


Now it’s time for some more music. Because I want it.


It really is an adorable ice skating routine, and I had no idea that Marylin Monroe sang that song, too. It’s a good version, but I have to admit that my favorite is Eartha Kitt’s. There’s just something about her voice that makes that song come more alive.

Can you hang in there for just one more? Maybe?

How about a soldier Mom surprising her little boys, and getting a surprise of her own?



Just a sec. Could you hand me a tissue? Thanks. Hormones, ya know.


Welcome to the chaos that is my brain right now. (You should see all the lists that are trying to keep track of Christmas And what this baby is going to need when she makes her arrival next month. Then there’s just plain the oddity of attempting to keep thoughts in a straight line when little one kicks a rib really hard or I get a Braxton-Hiks contraction that tries to bend me in half. :/ Just breathe.)

*is this a hot flash? Crap*  Pregnancy is not for the faint of heart, people.


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That’s it for me, folks.

Merry Christmas!

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hogswatch! 🙂



I want chocolate now. Huh.




#MirthMusicMon – I Have a Cold

3 Nov

Sore throat? Check

Stuffy nose? Check

Foggy head? Check

Feeling run down? Check

Yup, it’s a cold. Tis the season, I guess.

But, that just means I have a different subject for Mirth and Music Monday. 😀

(I was thinking of going with another idea, but just couldn’t find a song to go with it. Yet.)


For our first selection we have an amusing little number from Sesame Street:



Then, just in case that didn’t give you a chuckle, let’s try this one:



There you have it, folks, Mirth and Music Monday. 🙂

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Don’t be shy. We don’t bite… often. 😉


Have a Great week!





MMM… I Love My Lips

27 Jan

Happy Monday, everyone!!!

Isn’t it a glorious day?

Eh, what?


That busy?


Well, before you really start spinning, go ahead and have a laugh with me.  🙂 



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Have a great day!





MMM… School House Polka

28 Oct

Hey, look!  It’s Monday!

Time for some fun.

I found a Veggie Tales Silly Song with Larry that would interest writers.  😀




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Happy Monday!


Drama Follows Me

4 Jun

I have something called Reactive Hypoglycemia.

Many family members on my mother’s side of the family have hypoglycemia. I was the lucky one (not) who drew the short straw, and gets to pay extra close attention to the amount of sugar, simple carbohydrates, fruit, and certain vegetables that I eat.

Eating carefully, and frequently through the day is a big part of managing this…condition? And boy can you tell when I need to eat.


  • I have a short fuse.
  • Everything is difficult.
  • Everyone is an idiot.
  • Everyone is wrong.
  • The sky is falling!

Hand me a few baby carrots and a couple servings of cheese and I’ll be right as rain in 20 minutes. Just try not to say anything remotely inaccurate in those 20 minutes. I’ve tried to control my tongue while swinging low on blood sugar, it doesn’t work well. Sorry.

But just so you get a humorous picture of what my poor family (mostly husband) has to put up with on a regular basis, here is a little audio/visual example.

(some of my friends and family may also agree that this little video could apply equally to the typical ‘Terrible Twos’ sufferer)