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All I Want Is Water

30 Jun

It isn’t even July yet and we’re in a heat wave of 100 degree weather. Today it got to 102 (while muggy). It’s 11pm and still above 80. Yuck.

What Google had to say about today's weather.

What Google had to say about today’s weather.









When it gets hot like this food is not interesting to me. Food = nausea, most of the time. All I want is water.

Not good when you’re supposed to eat at least 75 grams of protein a day, and a minimum of 1,600 calories.

Yup, all I want is water.

I drove over the Snake River today and seriously thought about jumping in, dress and all. The only thing that really kept me out was the idea of smelling like fishy river water for the rest of the evening. Wouldn’t want that smell in the car anyway.


While I was at the park (on the swings, where else) I watched a wedding reception where everyone had changed from their nice wedding gear into shorts and tee shirts and they had a water balloon fight in the middle of the ceremonies.

Just gimme water!

I got so thirsty that I, my germaphobe, OCD self was able to drink the water out of the park drinking fountain. The wetness tasted good at first, but oh, what an aftertaste. Guggh!

Got home from my running around and the first thing I reached for was…

You guessed it!