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A Complaint to Weather — A Poem

8 Feb

Weather, you fickle, disloyal thing,

How could you cover us in snow like this?

Don’t you know winter should be waning,

Preparing for spring time rain and mist.

I am ready for flowers and bird song.

No more of this gloom and cold.

Please, Weather, bring on the sun,

Before insanity takes hold.

*        *        *

The weather is getting squirrely here. I know it’s just our turn, but we already had snow. Now it’s just piling higher. What is worrying me is the couple days in the 40’s we’re supposed to have around the middle of this coming week. With all this snow I hope the area doesn’t get flooded out.  :/ 


But at least someone gets a kick out of snow:





My Letter to Winter

26 Jan



Dear Winter,

    While I have enjoyed watching your snow fall, appreciated the beautiful contrast of black trees against fog, and marveled at the river completely freezing over because it had been below zero for several days, I am tired of you.  Tired of having to wear four layers of clothing to walk out to a car.  Tired of frozen pipes.  Tired of the temperature being too cold for me to take walks when I’m feeling…twitchy.

I am ready for Spring.  Bring on the chirping robins, sprouting lettuce, and colorful cardigans.  Picnics in the park seem like a fond memory from decades past, rather than a thing I did several times just a few months ago with friends and family. 

What about Summer?  Flip-flops, tank-tops, shorts, and picking cherries with my mom and sisters.  Ah, and the carnivals and festivals…One of my favorite things to do is attend Weiser, Idaho’s Old Time Fiddler’s Contest.  In actuality, I have only been an observer of one evening of the contest.  But the hubbub surrounding the town is the real fun anyway.  The booths in the two larger parks, the music from the bandstands, the carnival food, oh, and the people watching.  I dearly love to people watch.  (*It’s so much fun to watch reactions to my husband and I holding hands.  He’s 22 years older than me, and I have this terrible affliction of looking almost 10 years younger than I actually am.  Especially when wearing a sun dress and flip-flops.*)

Then there is Fall.  Crisp Apples, falling leaves and sweaters.  The season where boots are a fashion statement, not a necessity.  I love my boots.  Little fawn colored ankle boots with a one-inch heel. Knee-high boots with three-inch heels.  Two pairs of thigh-high platform boots with five-inch heels, in both black and white.

My Dear Winter, while you do have your high points, we have had enough of cold weather illnesses; cutting wood to feed the fireplace, and paying mountains of money on propane to keep the pipes from freezing again.  I think it is about time you moved on and let one of the other seasons have a chance.



Rose D’Andrea