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Have I Always Had A Writer’s Heart?

3 Sep

In one of my early memories (all of which are spotty, rather hit-and-miss I’m afraid), I remember having a short conversation with a girl who lived on our block. She had said that we needed to wait, because as she put it, “I have to itch my foot.”

Even at that age I, and I think the sister just younger than me, explained to her that she was scratching an itch on her foot.

I couldn’t have been much over 8 years old and already I was correcting peoples choice of words. Perhaps it was because my Mother had been an English major in college. Or that we were never talked to in baby-babble. Perhaps it was because we were constantly being read to.

Maybe all of the above. All I know is that it seems as though we have always been word snobs.

I don’t really see that as a problem. 😀


Say Your Right Words! 😉

Oof, now I’m going off to go on a Labyrinth kick.  See ya!


O.K., just one. Here’s my favorite song from the movie.



Be careful what you wish for,

someone might be listening.


The New, Super Duper Wrist Brace!

19 Jul

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Let me introduce you to…

The most recently invented mid-evil torture device:

Top side of the mid-evil torture device


Underside of the mid-evil torture device.


At least it’s done in nice shades of grey. Less likely to clash with my very expensive, highly thought out wardrobe. (You’re catching the sarcasm there, right?).

On the plus side, maybe this ouch will heal a little faster.

On the down side it really is next to impossible to use on a keyboard.

I know, I know. Rest the wrist. But darn it! I have so many words and ideas that need to be captured!

Tomorrow I may do a little exploring on this poor old computer (I love you. Please keep working.) and see if I can dredge up Acer’s version of speech-to-text. It’s not the greatest thing, but it’s better than 8 words a minute. lol

Well, I am just plain tuckered out. So I’m going to head for my pillow and pray I don’t beat myself to death in my sleep with a store-bought version of a velcro-on cast.

*            *            *

Bonus Round!!!

Things I Have Learned How To Do Left-Handed:

  • Eat
  • Make Coffee
  • Make tea
  • Er…the bathroom
  • Open doors
  • Close doors
  • Tweet
  • Navigate Facebook

I think tomorrow will be the left-handed hair brushing lesson.

Not to mention that my nails are getting ridiculously long.

Life is going to be a non-stop adventure for the foreseeable future!

Plus side: This thing totally won’t fit in a dish glove. 😉