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How to Grow Your Author Blog

25 Aug

Countless people start blogs that just get left abandoned in cyberspace, yet the elements of an excellent blog are pretty simple. If your blog is not doing well, often some small changes can make a…

Source: How to Grow Your Author Blog

My Insanity Keeps Me Sane – A Flash Fiction

7 Mar

I don’t know how much longer I can hold on.

Day in and day out, it’s all the same. Except it’s not.

Everything is different while it stays the same.

I don’t know how to describe it.

Details change from day to day. Lunch is tuna instead of peanut butter. The cat threw up today instead of the dog having diarrhea yesterday.

The same dishes are dirty. The same socks didn’t quite make it into the hamper. The dryer still doesn’t shut off by itself.

I need a vacation. Of course we can’t afford one. Never could. Probably never will.


I have these ideas, these stories, in my head. These thoughts that aren’t completely mine.

Hear me out before you call the funny farm.

I have people living entire lives inside my mind. It’s not like they control anything about my life. But in some ways, it’s like they keep me… sane.

Because I have these other lives, stories, playing out in my imagination I can get through the monotony of my existence. While I’m folding laundry, I’m deciding whether they live in the city or the country, what state, what kind of house. When it’s time to scrub the tile grout, I’m weighing how much chocolate cheesecake the leading lady should consume before coming to the conclusion that her father-in-law has to die. In my imagination I turn my every day life into a wonderful cacophony of tears and drama, fear and loathing, triumph and success. The leading lady always wins.

And who knows. Maybe one day I’ll write all this crazy down and make a million dollars.


Yeah, right. Like anyone would want to read it.


*           *            *

I love writing those.

Here’s a fun video I found that vaguely corresponds to the theme of my story.  😉

*            *            *


Have you noticed yet? Did ya, did ya?

I have a new page on this website. Made it yesterday afternoon.

Up there, on the far right…

Maybe I’ll make it easy on you and just stick a link right here.

But before you click it, I want to tell you about it!

It’s all about my new, first, and only finished (at this point) book!

My Ignored Hamper and other Bathroom Poetry


I’m not going to beg you to buy it.

Much.  (lol)

Go ahead. You know you’re curious what the new page looks like. Take a peek.


Just remember to come back tomorrow for more poetry.


Have a Great Weekend!




Sometimes It Sucks Being A Writer

18 Jan

I’m stumped this week.  For the past several hours I have been trying to come up with something to write, anything.

I got nothin’.

Not a single idea has stuck around for the second line. I can’t tell if I’m uninspired, my mojo is off, or what, but nothing is coming to me. Sorry.

All that is spinning through my mind is the refrain from a poem I wrote a few months back, over and over. It’s so sad, but thankfully has a happy ending. The poem, has potential to become a song. I can hear the tune in my head as the imagery, the fear and sadness gang up on me and make me want to cry.

This might be an ice cream and cuddles night.  😦 

Nights like this are when being a writer sucks. We bringing out our fears and play with them. We put words to them, keep them in safe places. Unfortunately, sometimes they come back to make us feel all that again. The fear. The sadness. The pain.

Years ago I was under the impression I was an emotionally tough person.

I’m not.




Computers: A Love-Hate Relationship – A Poem

11 Jan

Hmmm, according to my schedule, Saturday is my day for poetry.

So that means I have to come up with something.


Got it!

*        *        *

I love computers.

I hate computers.

They make my life easier

And harder at the same time.

Info in a hurry?

Bing or Google are a lifeline.

Want to get some work done?

Nope, defrag time.

The more they’re needed

The more they go.

Need it done in a hurry?

Yeah, that’s a big fat no.

Scans, tests and system checks

Take twice the time you expect.

When all you want to do is play

The darn thing works great all day.


I love computers.

I hate computers.

*        *        *

Not pretty, but there you have it. A poem. A raw one at that. Only touched the backspace for misspellings. I would usually spend about an hour pouring over every detail and making everything all nice and pretty. Tonight, however, I thought you wouldn’t mind seeing behind the curtain a little.

Any thoughts?

What would you change?


Heehee, look what I found.





Sunday Is A Good Day For A Sundae

10 Nov

I scream

You scream

We all scream

For i…


Yeah, that’s not original, is it?  😉 

Hmmm… What can I come up with?


Sunday is better than Monday,

Because Sunday is my day of rest.

Of all the days to have a Sundae,

Sunday is the best.

You ask me why,

And I will cry,

“I like Sundaes on Sundays

So I’m sweetened up for Mondays.”


That was almost too easy…


Here it is Sunday.

Please scoop me up a sundae.

For Sunday is a fun day.

It takes the edge off Monday.

And Tuesday,

And Wednesday,



Well, they’re not perfect, but they were fun to write.  😀 


I don’t really know anything about this group, but I really like their sound. From the looks of it, they may have redone a lot of my old favorites. This could be fun to ‘research’.  😉 




Thanks, But I Don’t Need Any Help Procrastinating

6 Nov

There are some days when it feels impossible to get anything creative written. You are mentally and maybe even physically running around getting a bunch of little things done. You’re knocking down that non-existent to do list of things that don’t have to be done any time this week. You may even be getting tons of stuff written:

Shopping list

Random to-do list

Before-I-Publish list (even though you already have 3 versions of it)

Christmas list (what you want, what you think others might like… then what you can afford to give them)

Invitation list to your 90th birthday party

Your top 10 favorite super heroes

A letter to your distant cousin living in Guam (do I have a cousin in Guam? I’ll have to check.)

Anything but what you have decided is your highest priority writing project.

I know how you feel. I have gotten to the end of today and realized that I have effectively wasted the entire day. The one check list that could have kept me on track — never written. Yeah… And tomorrow is pretty much a wash. Wednesdays are always so full and busy that all my creative juices have been sapped by trying not to do something stupid in public.

And why is it, that you can sit at the computer for an accidental 3 hours of a favorite game and never think twice about chores around the house. But the moment you think perhaps this would be a good time to pound out a couple hundred words the entire house rises up and demands your undivided attention? This needs dusted. That needs cleaned. The windows need wa-  Nah, the windows never have any kind of distraction appeal to my subconscious. It’s never that desperate.

Then there are the dogs. They could have just come in from going potty, but the second I sit down with the actual intention of doing something worthwhile they start doing their outside dance. grrr   How do they know??? Any other time I sit in front of my computer they couldn’t give a flying peanut what I was doing.

So right now, I am sitting in the living room, typing away, with my novel-writing thunderstorm chewing away at my hearing ability, and a hood over my head, trying to block out the beckoning siren calls of the tasks that need my attention. (thankfully my husband already threw the dogs out for my blog writing session.)


Why is it so difficult to convince our brains that now is the time to get this project moved forward by a couple pages? Why are there times when we would almost prefer oral surgery to simply sitting down and finishing writing that chapter?


I think it may be time for this little writer to do a quick refresher read through her favorite book on controlling procrastination tendencies, then her favorite book on writing efficiently.

*sigh* Perhaps one of these days I will be able to write a book in six months, but apparently I have a little ways to go before that happens.

Oh, well. Tomorrow is a new day, and perhaps it won’t be as tiring as usual. Perhaps I will get home in time for a power nap, a snack, and an hour sitting at my computer working on one of these amazing books I have stored in my mind.


It could happen.




Yeah, kinda like that. Although, not usually to that extremity.


*            *            *

What kinds of things do you procrastinate with?

Do you do it consciously, or unconsciously?

Do you have a wonderful cure all method for getting your stuff done?



How To Write A Book? Who Knows?!

20 Oct

This video pretty much describes my feeling on the subject.

You can learn all the technical stuff, but if you don’t love your story through and through there’s very little chance that you’re going to stick with it long enough to actually finish writing it. And if you’re bored with it in the first draft, who else is going to be interested enough to finish reading it?

So first and foremost, you must be in love with your story.

After that, it really just falls to what kind of writer, person, personality, worker you are. The little details of How you write are not quite as important as whether or not you Want to write this story.




A Calendar To Track My Writing Hours

19 Oct

I need to go to the store and get a calendar. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy. Just something where I can clock my writing time every day.

Yes. Every day.

Too many days are going past where I tell myself I’ll write something tomorrow.

Tomorrow comes along, it’s much busier, and no writing is done.

So, I need a calendar. Clock in and clock out. Treat it like a job.

Especially since one day I would like it to pay like a job.


So, on days when I don’t write anything, I will have to admit it to myself while writing a big zero on that day. No guilt trips. No punishments. Just having to fess up to myself that the work was not done.

Hopefully this will help, not hinder.

If it becomes an obstacle…   then it’s out.

I’ll try some other way of holding myself accountable. I’ll keep trying and trying until I find what works.  😀




Knick-Knack Overlords – A Guest Post By ReGi McClain

11 Oct

    A few weeks ago I asked ReGi McClain to write a guest post about writing, marketing, social media, or something. Yeah, I was pretty much that vague.  With that jumbled request, she came back with this lovely post (she even chose the video. Nice!).

So, without further jabbering from me, here’s ReGi.  😀

*            *            *

    It was my favorite housekeeping guru who pointed it out. We like to think of ourselves as gods. In his book, Clutter’s Last Stand, Don Aslett viciously confronts the human tendency to create and control little worlds by collecting knick-knacks and arranging them just so. My grandmother is a prime example of this phenomenon. By the time she and my grandfather moved out of the home they owned for 30 years, she collected hundreds (dare I say thousands?) of trinkets from around the world. Nothing interesting there, right? Millions of people do that.

So why do I bring up my grandmother? Because, unlike most people who amass armies of gewgaws, my grandmother remembers the stories behind each and every one of her treasures in vivid detail. Not only can she tell you where, when, and why she got them, she can usually tell you what materials and methods were used in making them, the cultural significance of those materials and methods, and possibly even the name of the artisan and his aunt’s husband’s cousin’s new boyfriend. Okay, okay, so maybe not the new boyfriend. I assume the girl in question would have married the fella or moved on by now.

Writers are a lot like collectors. We take our little baubles, our characters and conflicts, and arrange them until we like what we see. But do we, like my grandmother, take the time to get the story behind each? If you don’t write speculative fiction, as I do, perhaps you don’t think you need so much backstory. Not so. Maybe you don’t need to decide whether the dragon likes his maidens medium-rare or well done, but at least know why your story needs to happen in London instead of any other major metropolis. Perhaps the anatomical location of the alien’s nose is of no importance to you, but do you know why that character is mind-bogglingly shallow?

Mind you, I don’t think you should start any collections. I’d have to spend weeks with my grandmother to get every story. Sadly, with all those ornaments competing for space with each other, all of them lost value. When I visited to pick out the things I wanted to keep, I passed up many costly, beautiful things because they held no importance to me. Instead, I kept an ugly metal pig. Why? Because my grandmother told me its story. I know it’s real value.

Don Aslett believes in ruthlessly giving away everything that doesn’t hold true significance for you. Not just marginal  sentimental value or potential usefulness someday. No. We’re talkin’ actively-contributing-to-your-current-well-being importance. The same principle can be applied to writing. When you look at your literary knick-knacks, do you  remember why you kept them? Are they truly important? Then put them out where we can see them! Toss the rest. You don’t have to give us your reasons for keeping each treasure unless it’s important to the story, but if you’ve done it right, we, like any fascinated guest, will ask you for more details.




*            *            *

Thank you, ReGi!  I’ll have to ask you back again.  😀

*            *            *

If you’re curious about today’s guest blogger, you can go over to her blog: www.regimcclain.wordpress.com

Chat with her on Twitter:  www.twitter.com/regimcclain

And find her on Facebook: www.facebook.com/RegiMcclain

I would recommend all three, really. She’s a lot of fun.  😀

And she just informed me that she has a Pinterest page as well: http://www.pinterest.com/ReGiMcClain

She’s practically everywhere!  lol


Have a Great Weekend!



Uh-Oh. I Have A New Book Idea.

2 Oct

This evening I was attempting to write a short story when an idea for another novel hit me.

You see, I have been contemplating trying to find a way to make a kind of series out of the I Killed Them, Mama idea. Not using any of the same people, but going with the concept of young women having to poison their way out of bad situations.

Well, I guess leaving the thinking to my subconscious paid off. Tonight I figured out how to tie all the future titles together.

I Killed Them, Mama, meet Saving Mama’s Flower Garden.

This one is also going to pick right up after a mother’s death and follow the oldest daughter as she deals with an unsavory guardian to protect herself and her younger sisters from a terrible fate. With the help of a couple of girl friends, of course.

I don’t want to say too much right now, so much of the plot is still up in the air.

It’s just really cool that now I not only have the need of income and the want of you guys to read I Killed Them, Mama pulling me forward through the writing process. Now I will have this new book pushing from the back of my mind, urging my to write faster so I can get to it ASAP.

So Excited!!!  😀


This is me with my book projects when I lose self-control (and perspective on the long-term plan)



Lots of running around, with nothing productive to show for it.


I must stick with I Killed Them, Mama!  When that’s done with the first draft then I can take a few days to let it sit and work on a loose outline for Saving Mama’s Flower Garden.

Totally can’t wait.  😀