Outpouring Of An Eclectic Brain

13 Jul

He disappears

Though I see his face

His mind is gone

Without a trace


This is neglect

This is pain

His ear buds in

I talk in vain


Anime and

B rated flicks

I can’t compete

With Kung Fu kicks


So here I sit

Here I wait

Doing research

And plotting his fate


Really, more wives should look into writing poetry. Those momentary feelings of loss and anger when he needs his guy time are great emotions to fuel that new poem.

+            +            +


This song gets really cool when you realize that there were only 2 instruments used in the making of the music. All the ‘percussion’ is from beat box sound effects by the cellist and maybe one of the other guys.

+            +            +

The Vulcan Wrist Wrap Experiment

Hopefully this wrist will heal quickly. While I can type, it hurts when I reach for things like the shift and enter keys. I have to move my entire arm to get to the backspace. grrr.

On the plus side this wrap he put on me (to keep my hand from moving wrong and irritating the strain) is too large for my dish glove to fit over.  Way to find the silver lining, huh?

Although I have yet to add to my ‘secret book’s’ word count, I have managed to put a few new thoughts into the plans for another book. So today has not been wasted.

I think (after icing this thing down from this typing session) I’ll see about adding a couple hundred words to the ‘secret book project’.

This really is too much fun: Having a secret.  It’s kind of exhilarating knowing that I’m the only person who knows what this little project is about.


Alright! To the freezer for a bag of ice! 🙂

And maybe I’ll find a little acetaminophen, too.


Keep Writing, You!!! 😉


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