Carpooling to Girls Night – A Flash Fiction

21 Feb

See my boys out there? Aden is five and Alex is three. Alex just finished a growth spurt, that’s why he’s almost as tall as his brother.

Huh? Yeah, they’re coated in mud. Don’t worry, that’s why we turned the mud room into a bathroom. I can bring them inside through the other back door and just pop them in the tub.

Ha ha, no, they hate baths. You’ll get to hear the screams of protest. Kelly from next door says that if the wind is right she can hear them howling. Thankfully her kids have been out of the house for a few years, so she’s back to thinking it’s cute. Then just as you think they’re going to tear the room apart in an effort to get out, they get distracted by the toys and bubbles. After that happens it’s a ten minute battle to get them back out of the bath tub.

Nope, it’s our nightly ritual, even when Evan is home to do it. Just as well, though. After a full day playing and learning, a life and death struggle in the bathroom is just what they need to finish off their energy. When that’s done it’s their bedtime snack, a story and in to bed they go. He says in some ways he’s glad he’s a fireman, that way he has just enough time away on the two on, one off schedule to start missing the chaos before coming home again.

After that we’re golden. The sitter should arrive just as they get out of the tub, and then we can get out of here and head off to girls night. Ain’t carpooling fun?

Her name’s Krystal. The kids love her. If they are true to their usual routine they’ll actually want her to read the bedtime story. She’s great.

I’ll only give you her number on one condition: I’m the one who gets her on girls night.


*            *            *




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