Why This Mama Wants Spoilers

15 Jul

I am not up on almost all of the most recent shows and movies.

My husband watches a few of them, and keeps me apprised of the developments on the ones I catch 6 minutes of while folding laundry or just sitting down after getting the kid down for a nap.

I want the cliff-notes version. I want the spoilers and plot points, not the endless suspense and drama.

Here are my biggest reasons. (Let’s see if you ping on a couple of these.)

I don’t have time for the show.

As a mother I have a lot on my to do list. Sitting around watching a half hour show that advances the story arc half an inch is not on that list. Anywhere.

Now, yes, I have been careful to put downtime and self-care on that to do list, but I have enough to do with long, thick hair to wash, taking care of my health, blogging, reading, church, and family time.

So, no, I do not have time to sit around stressing about whether someone is going to fall off the cliff in the emotional cliffhanger.

I don’t have emotional space for the drama.

That last sentence leads right into this point: I do not have the emotional reserves to be stressing and tensed up over what the writers have planned for the characters next. I have a toddler who has a breakdown because I carry her to the car…after I just spent 6 minutes trying to convince her she needed to wear her shoes or she wouldn’t be able to walk herself to the car. *head desk*

I can’t exhaust my poor overworked adrenaline glands on an epic battle that has been going on for 3 seasons now. I need my adrenaline for things like when my kid decides to climb onto the kitchen counter to inventory the spice cupboard. 

I don’t want my toddler to see it/hear the language.

If I time things right, pray hard, and am really fortunate, I will get an hour of kid free time in the early morning, or during nap. Every other blue moon, I get both on the same day. So I have very little time when my child is not at my feet or in my lap.

And most of the popular shows have situations and language that I would rather not have my small child exposed to.

She is coming into an age when one moment something is fascinating and the next it’s blood curdling scream terrifying. Bugs, the dog, a game, a story, just something that’s going on inside her head, can set her off in a panic that requires me to drop whatever I am doing and comfort her; whether I understand it or not.

I do not need to add the sights and sounds of killings, life or death situations, mob scenes, or just plain old monsters to her already overactive imagination.

It’s not my genera, but I like a couple of the characters.

There are stories I really like, but I just can’t stand the way they’re being handled. There are characters I am intrigued by, but I don’t want to sit through an entire cast’s drama to keep tabs on them.

So, if my husband happens to be watching an episode I’ll ask him for a rundown of this episode’s plot, or how a particular character is faring. That’s all I really want to know. Thankfully, after explaining this situation to my husband, he is more than happy to summarize things for me in a short conversation. In a way it’s the best of both worlds for him, he gets to watch his shows, and after a two minute explanation of the latest developments he has someone handy to discuss the plot and characters with.

There are a lot of things I could probably get sucked into caring about, but I don’t have the time or emotional resources to handle them and still be a caring, involved parent. I am not deprived in anyway, or starved for entertainment, but I do have to set boundaries on my sources and remember that it’s just a story. Perhaps in a few years, if I still am interested I’ll buy or borrow a boxed set of whatever and binge for a few weekends. In the meantime, I’ll keep doing what is best for me and my family.






3 Responses to “Why This Mama Wants Spoilers”

  1. lucindasutherland July 15, 2017 at 3:51 pm #

    Yay! Those are excellent points! Very good thinking on your part and I’m so glad your husband is willing to help keep you up on things. My husband would do that now but he wasn’t as talkative when our kids were little and was not willing to keep talking over interruptions from the children until he had LOTS of training and by that time I’d given up on most TV and got my grown-up input from daytime radio… mostly switching between the sermons and the politics… and reading. Paperback books were my lifeline.

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    • rosedandrea July 15, 2017 at 4:33 pm #

      I think starting our relationship in an office environment really helped prep us for maintaining a relationship through constant distractions. Keeping a conversation going while fielding incoming phone calls and sending faxes is quite the skill. lol
      About once every 6 months I will have a paperback binge on the tablet, and I have several vlog moms I keep going back to for several videos in a row when I feel like I need the boost. For the most part chatting with friends on Facebook, articles I find through fb, Wednesdays with the Bible study group, Church, and time with my husband (eating out as a family, shopping, driving him to/from work, etc), and the occasional fore into the mmorpg we play, is enough to keep my mind active and not totally centered on being a mommy.


  2. Kassy McGary July 24, 2017 at 9:59 am #

    I like these points, especially the plot only moving a couple inches in half an hour. It used to be that only soap operas were like this, but now everything is now days and I end up rolling my eyes and turning it off. Also you’re right, it is a terrible thing for a wonderful character to be stuck in an awful plot.


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