P is for Pleasure

19 Apr


So, I’m not alone with the affliction of having an overzealous inner editor pointing out all the tiny (and not so tiny) flaws in the books I read. My case is not quite as bad as Kate’s, but it’s kinda close.

Originally posted on disregard the prologue:

…and reading for it.

It used to be that I could get completely lost in a book with no problems. Heaven help my family if it was a series– they might not have clean laundry for a while. There was very little that bothered me about anyone’s writing, at least not enough to distract me from the story.

That’s changed, and I’m sad about it.

These days, I feel like reading is a chore a lot of the time. There are too many books I need to read: things I’ve told friends I’ll read and critique for them, great books in the genres I write in that I’ve never got to, books in other genres that I think will broaden my horizons. And there are the ones I don’t need to read, but want to: the ones I’ve grabbed for free or cheap on the Kindle, ones I picked up…

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MMM… Shirley Temple

14 Apr

This has been an interesting week of home improvement, planting part of the garden and sticking to my diet like a good girl (it’s not usually difficult, but this past week had some serious temptations).

Let’s celebrate the fact that we survived another whirlwind week, and weekend, with some fun.






These are both clips from the movie Captain January. The first movie I can remember crying to. It’s alright, though. It has singing, dancing, humor and, most importantly, a happy ending, like all feel-good movies should.  :)


If you liked this sample of Mirth and Music Monday go ahead and check out ReGi McClain’s blog. She’s the creator of this meme and host of the linky where you can find out who else is playing along this week.

You’re more than welcome to join in the fun. All that is required is something funny and something musical. They can be just one funny music video, or several of each. It’s your style, your choice. :)


Happy Monday!





MMM… Computers!

7 Apr

It’s Monday!

And you know what that means. It’s time for Mirth and Music Monday.

For your entertainment (and for a couple giggles on the hardest day of the week) I have scoured YouTube looking for something that would tickle your funny bone.

Here it is:



Also, to sooth the savage beast (stress) I have combed through countless songs and musicals to find this :

House of the Rising Sun done completely with electronics.



If you liked this post, or if you hated it but are willing to give the concept another try, head on over to ReGi McClain’s blog. She’s the creator of this Monday fun, and has another post waiting for you.

You’re also welcome to join in the fun and post your own Mirth and Music Monday post.

One of these years it would be kinda cool to see our hashtag up on the trending list on Twitter:  #MirthMusicMon


One of these days.  You’ll see.  Bwahahaha!


Alright. That’s enough out of me. Getting a little power crazed in my lack of sleep.  ;)


Have a Great Monday!





A Note to Young Writers: Honor Your Obscurity

4 Apr


Boy howdy did I really need to read this. I have been so occupied with why my numbers aren’t where I want them to be that I have become numb when it comes to my other projects. This is what I needed. A reminder that I need this time of quiet, of obscurity, to take my first few stumbling steps without a large audience to magnify my mistakes.
Now, if you will excuse me, I have to find some place where I can set down this big load of worries. Uh, anyone know where the nearest volcano is? ;)

Originally posted on WordServe Water Cooler:

woman praying--parodic

In the last month, I spent time with two younger women, both of whom had just released their first book. Sarah and Andrea are both fine writers whom I expect will continue to write and publish books. In the short time I had with each of them, I found myself dumping all my writing and marketing advice, talking about websites, blogging, Facebook, twitter. But I forgot to say the most important thing of all: honor your obscurity.

Very few young writers, musicians, artists value their obscurity. For good reason. We know if we’re to be published in any form, we need an audience, a sizeable audience. We know that most of the time we have to find that audience before that first book contract even lands on our desk. And once it does, and the book is out, we’re tasked to keep racking up bigger numbers. But how do we…

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“More girls should go on adventures”

3 Apr


You guys should read this!  :) 

  As a young girl I never really wanted to be the ‘main’ hero, but I always wanted to go along on the adventures. I still do. Perhaps that’s why I have so many dreams of conquering the writing world, creating a few businesses, building my own kind of empire (of friends and allies), and traveling through Europe and certain parts of South America. All with my strong, brave and true husband by my side. It wouldn’t be the same without my carefully chosen knight in shining armor.  :)

Originally posted on Inkspelled Faery:

A while back a seven year old young lady by the name of Charlotte sent this letter to the LEGO corporation.


It reminded me of a blog post I read by Maggie Stiefvater about how, growing up, she didn’t have crushes on the male action-adventure leads, she wanted to be them. When I read that, I had a “You, too? I thought I was the only one!” moment.

Now, I have never wanted to be a boy. As a little girl, I was required to always wear dresses (not as unfair as it sounds, a long story), even with my jeans. I played with Barbies (G.I. Joe dolls, too), had tea parties, loved fairies (still do), and was a fan of every Disney princess. But none of that stopped me from rolling in the mud, climbing into trees, crawling under barbwire fences, building forts out of juniper trees, wrestling goats…

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MMM… That’s How You Know

31 Mar

Guess what Lonnie and I did Sunday evening.

We had an honest to goodness date night!

It was very nice. We went to our favorite local restaurant, took a meandering drive, and then went and got me chocolate (it was cheat day, after all).

Well, maybe it wasn’t really quite as romantic as that sounds (we had to stop for gas before dinner, and we got momentarily lost in the meandering), but to me… I might as well have been in a ball gown dancing in an orchard of falling apricot petals.

I always know he loves me, but it’s really nice to once in a while to have some time set aside to be publicly reminded of that fact.  :D

So, in honor of a lovely evening out with my husband, here’s my favorite song from Enchanted. The funny bits are when the male lead reacts the same way 90% of sane humans would. (Admit it, you would be embarrassed and weirded out, too.)

Ha ha! I love it when he notices he’s moving to the beat and has to stop himself.  :)


I hope you all get to have a great evening out with your Love soon… or yourself. Taking yourself out to lunch can be a lot of fun, too. (You don’t have to feel guilty about all your people-watching habits. And no one has to know that you had a burger at one place and got your milkshake from another. Yeah. Some places are better at some things than others. Get over it!  ;)   )


Any-hoo… if you would like to watch more Mirth and Music Monday videos hop on over to ReGi McClain’s blog. She’s the lovely creator of this fun meme.

And just so you know, we are very open to you playing along. So jump on in and join us in spreading a big fit of the giggles every Monday.


Have a Great Week!




Was I Writing a Trilogy All Along?

26 Mar

These last few weeks I have been doing a lot of thinking and talking about my book I Killed Them, Mama. (And, unfortunately, no writing.)

While discussing the plot with Jay (the gentleman I read to every week) it suddenly hit me that the problem may be that I’m trying to fit too much into one book. Now I’m starting to contemplate the idea of turning it into at least two, if not three, books.

It’s crazy! This was just going to be something I cranked out. A book to have on the market ASAP and now it may turn into a trilogy. Grrr!

Hopefully, after taking a day or two to see if the plot points would go that far, and have workable break-points, I may actually start working with the plan of two or three books.

Ack! Why does writing have to be so complicated?

I just hope that clearing this up will help me move forward with the dratted thing. I want you guys to read it! I want to have you tell me what you think, what you would do in Amelia’s place, and how you would poison an abusive husband in a no-way-out situation.


*            *            *

And just because this video has been spinning around in my head since Sunday night:





MMM… Taylor the Latte Boy and Rebuttle

24 Mar

Monday already.


I don’t know I’m always so surprised when it rolls around every week, but I am.

Oh, well.

At least it comes with a perk, now.

Mirth and Music Mondays!  Yay!  :D

*            *            *

If that doesn’t work, try  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmY6rdJJWN8  )

*            *            *

Now that you have (hopefully) had a laugh on this Monday morning, I invite you to pop over to ReGi McClain’s blog. She is the creator of this meme and should have something good for you today.


If you are a fellow blogger and find this idea interesting you are more than welcome to come play along with us. All you would need to do is go on over to ReGi’s blog, and click on the bug-eyed blue guy toward the upper right-hand side. You’ll see a place where you can insert your link. It’s pretty simple. I mean, if I can figure it out, you’ll have no problem. (seriously, I really stink at this sort of stuff)


Happy Monday!




A Hodge-Podge About Life and Writing

21 Mar

Sooo, after spending the majority of the day dealing with a migraine I  finally get around to trying to write a blog post. However, my computer and my internet connection had something of a battle, and now I’m too ticked off at the world in general to write a flash fiction.

Therefore, I am going to talk about something completely different.

I’m just not sure what.

I could talk about how well my current diet erm… eating lifestyle change is going. (The household is following the diet laid out in The 4-Hour Body)

The fact that I’m a little over two belt holes thinner.

Or talk about how my book sales have not been what I had hoped.

Then there’s this fantastic fantasy series I’m reading. (Elisabeth Wheatley sure knows how to weave a plot.)

Perhaps I could touch on the idea of sharing the first few pages of my husband’s portion of a steam punk graphic novel he’s working on (Words only so far. We need an artist.).

Then there’s the undead flash fictions he has been spitting out. (he’s writing circles around me, people!)

Of course there’s the business we’re still hoping to put together in a town very close to where we live. It’s still very hush-hush, but I’m excited! (We thought we almost had it last winter, then federal regulations changed and our supplier had to revamp their product. The scale of our future enterprises has enlarged… hopefully in a good way.  :/  )

I keep thinking I need to whip together some of my steam punk flash fictions and put another book out there. But for some reason my heart isn’t in it at the moment. I’m not sure why. Very confused. I’m also stalled on my other writing projects. Perhaps it’s the approaching spring. Maybe it’s worry over five hundred big and little things. Very likely it’s nothing and I just have to push myself through it. Like most of my projects, I’m pretty sure that the moment I really start to work on it it’s all I’ll be able to think about for a month or two. Kinda like those Carls Jr. commercials, except I may as well wear a big shirt that says “Don’t bother me. I’m writing.”

With it being a lot nicer outside, I won’t feel guilty at the idea of pitching the dogs out the back door and into their pen for an hour or two while I concentrate on a project. You see, I write best alone. However, the dogs hate it when there’s only one person in the house. Especially if they hear my husband getting chores done outside. They don’t leave me alone. It’s like they are trying to make me go outside and bring him back to them. That means that my writing time goes something like this:

Let’s see… she’s just decided what poison to use on… What? Why are you bumping my elbow? Yes. I know he went out that door. No, I’m not going to go get him.

Please stop whining. It’s the most annoying sound on the planet.

Thank you.

Now where was I? Ah, yes… she’s crafting the gelatin dessert, should it be orange or raspberry?  WHAT?! No! I won’t go get him! Please go lay down!

No, the sad eye thing won’t get you anywhere. Knock it off.

I didn’t mean literally!  How did you even manage to tip that over? It was way over there!

No, I did not stand up to let you go outside to find him. Stop barking.


*        *        *

Yeah, so needless to say, this has been a creatively barren winter.


If only they stayed this cute and small:





MMM… Goats and Happy

17 Mar

And how is your Monday going so far?

I’m already forgetful, so it should be interesting from here on out.

Thankfully I picked these out several days ago and could just plug them in here and not worry about letting you all down.

First off we have our mirth. What is more mirthful than watching something have too much fun with a ball that’s bigger than they are?


A goat playing with a yoga ball:


And Pharrell Williams’ new song, Happy:

Yes, that song makes me happy. It almost has the feeling that we’re going to be happy in spite of someone or something.

Of course I also love being happy to spite someone. heeheehee  (Don’t try to infect me with your bad mood. I’ll just get perkier and torture you.  :D  )


Want more Mirth and Music Monday? Try going over to ReGi McClain’s blog. She has another video waiting for you over there!

If you would like to play along with us go ahead and click the top blue silly face on the top right side of ReGi’s Blog and you can click a button that will let you input some simple info and voila! you are a member of Mirth and Music Monday. Congratulations!


I hope you all have a great week!




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