My Happy Dance

18 Jun

I have been doing a little happy dance about every ten minutes throughout the day.  Why?  Because my little social media empire is growing consistently, I have friends on Twitter and Facebook who make me laugh so hard my husband gets concerned for my mental state, and the dogs have been semi obedient today (for me, anyway).

It’s not technically my happy dance, though.

You see when I was a teenager we had some friends who had three little ones. We (my 3 sisters and I) were always over at their house. One of their children was named Annie. She was a beautiful, happy little girl. After a while we began to notice a little habit of hers. Whenever she would get a yummy treat, or hear some good news, she would do this little dance just with her shoulders. It became known as the ‘Annie Happy Dance’.

That’s my little happy dance.

Giant grin on my face, pointing at my computer screen, then the shoulders start to wiggle, alternating up and down. Yup. I know how to party.

Of course as the news gets better it is not unusual to see me do a fist pump, or a little cha-cha around the living room (“Latest post — Three more likes. Latest post — Three more likes.”).

Gotta get my exercise in somehow, right?  🙂

?        ?        ?

What has me so excited, you may ask.  Well, my dearest reader, I got three visitors on my other blog on it’s very first day.

“Other blog?! You’re two timing us??!”

Hardly! My other blog is something I am putting together (along with Facebook and Twitter pages) to help people in the communities around the area where I live know what events are going on around here.  I got tired of feeling left out of the loop, so I just decided to BE the loop. If that makes any sense.

For those of you who are curious as to what all this hard work has accomplished:




Feel free to look around. Tell me what you think.

No worries if you don’t want to. It’s not like I’m going to hunt you down and make you sit in a bear trap, or anything. 😉


Well, Did You?  ;)

Well, Did You? 😉


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