#MirthMusicMon – Minions in Pink

25 Apr

This video made me giggle several times last week, so I figured I’d share it with you for Mirth and Music Monday.:)


Now that you’ve laughed, get out there and kick this week in the pretty pink posterior.


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#MirthMusicMon – Your Post Baby Groove

18 Apr

For this Mirth and Music Monday I found something that struck a chord and gave me a chuckle.

How much of this baby-tastic house do you recognize (or remember being) in your own house? lol


It’s a difficult thing at times to find your inner sexiness after you’ve been mauled by a baby for a year. But, find it we should. You don’t always have to flaunt it, but you need to know it’s still there.

Here’s to our post baby bodies.😀

And the hope that one of these days I’ll work up the guts to leave my toddling nursling at someone’s house and have dinner out with just my husband.

We’ll see how soon that actually happens. She’s showing symptoms of another cold. (groan)


And just for good measure, here’s a father showing his kid he’s still got it:



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#MirthMusicMon – Procrastination 6-5000

10 Apr

This procrastination thing has my life all wrapped up.

It’s around my writing, blogging, social life, housework, even eating my meals, for heaven’s sake!

One of the few things I procrastinated on was getting photos of Kathleen in the Easter dress my mother knitted for her. Win!

One of the few things I didn’t procrastinate on was getting photos of Kathleen in the Easter dress my mother knitted. Win!

So it was nice to come across a video that explains what I’m going through, with a bit of humor.


Now I just need to figure out a way to make self-imposed deadlines more…scary?

Any suggestions?

Seriously, any ideas?

Your input may just get this highly distractable brain into gear.


The music bit was easy. I found something I hadn’t heard in a while; and as you can see it made for an interesting post title. Bonus! lol


Hard to go wrong with Glen Miller.

(Plus, Kathleen did a little boogy while holding onto the table, so you know it’s got a good sound.😉 )


That’s it for this post.

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#MirthMusicMon – The Small Shoemaker

4 Apr

I actually worked for a boot maker for a little while. It was very interesting.

I didn’t really learn anything of the trade, but it’s amazing what can be repaired on a pair of decent shoes. If you really love your shoes but something is coming unstitched, or the tread is gone, see if you can find a shoe repair shop. It’s usually worth it.



It’s been a very long day. We’re all dealing with the tail end of this dratted flu, Kathleen is going through a growth spurt the past couple days, and it seems some of her teeth are on the move. She’s been unhappy and wanting a lot of attention, while wanting to maintain her bit of freedom and moments of distance from me. It’s like playing with a broken yo-yo. It goes out just fine, but you have to manually wind it back up.

I shouldn’t complain too loudly. In 14 years when she’s trying to talk back and nagging us about driver’s ed I’ll look back at these days and wonder why they went by so fast. lol

Oh, well.

That’s it for this week’s Mirth and Music Monday.

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#MirthMusicMon – Sneezing

28 Mar

You know how last week I thought there was a cold coming my direction?

I was wrong.

It was a flu.

Too much fever and body aches to be a cold.:/

Sleeping Kathleen - a few days before we came down with this crud.

Sleeping Kathleen – a few days before we came down with this crud.

Kathleen is actually not doing too bad with this. I only had to wipe her nose for a couple of days, she spikes a mild fever once or twice a day, and has developed only a touch of a cough. For the most part she’s still tearing around the house at the same speed. She really thrilled our female lab this afternoon when she decided to devote an hour to pulling little handfulls of kibble out of the dog food bag and feeding it to her. Of course, this was while Kathleen was also enjoying the fruits of her labor, eating probably 4 or 5 pieces herself. (It’s high quality, American made stuff that the dogs have been on for years, so I’m not worried about a few pieces here and there. lol)

Her father and I, on the other hand, are trying to decide if we need to email someone our final wishes. It’s been just over a week for him, and just under one for me, so obviously…we’re going to die.

Seriously, though, it’s miserable at times, but…yeah, I got nothin’.

We will recover. (Have to. I don’t have near enough life insurance on him yet.😉 )

And when we do I really hope we’ll have a couple days in the 60 degree area so I can air this house out, then go for a walk.

Oh! Speaking of walking. Kathleen walked across the dining room this evening!!! She took her daddy a couple pieces of dog food. lol  Twelve feet! And she didn’t pause, squat, or brace herself on anything. It was slow going, but she made it.😀

And while she was having me tell her the names of body parts she interrupted me by pointing to her knee and saying “Knee.” Then she pointed to mine and said it again.

I’ve been having little flashbacks to the nerve wracking meeting with her NICU Neurologist where we were told that there was no evidence of oxygen deprivation brain damage, but they couldn’t rule out developmental delays, and warned that there was a good chance she would need monitoring over the next couple years.

My puffy little morphined up baby on the morning of her 7th day of life.

My puffy little morphined up baby on the morning of her 7th day of life.

I think that’s partly why I’m always so over the moon when she does these little things that prove she’s right on track.

She loves to 'help' me clean the floors. Bet your Swiffer doesn't have baby bite marks. ;)

She loves to ‘help’ me clean the floors. Bet your Swiffer doesn’t have baby bite marks.😉

We have been very blessed. She makes us laugh at least a couple times a day, and reminds us to not take ourselves too seriously. How can you when your little one is handing you an old flip phone fully expecting you to converse with her imaginary caller?😀


For Mirth and Music Monday I thought I would use a Veggie Tales song about sneezing. Because, let’s face it, I’ve been getting a lot of practice.

What I hate, is when you get one of those sneezes that just hangs out in your sinuses for what feels like ages. Your head itches and your nose twitches; your eyes water and feel like they’re crossed. It’s miserable!

And just as you’re wondering if it has decided not to happen, so you set the box of tissues back down, it rushes out in a blaze of…um, well, not glory.😉



That’s all I have for this week.

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#MirthMusicMon – Jimmy Stewart, Everybody!

21 Mar

There is a cold going through this house, and it’s headed straight for me.

Crap. (I know germ killing air filters are really expensive, but are they worth it? Seriously, are they?)

So, I need to get this post done so I get enough sleep to go shopping tomorrow. When Lonnie and I are both down for the count food is difficult. So, time to stock up on easy to cook things, and stuff for crockpot meals.

I’m seriously praying this passes over me and baby (I really want her to go Easter egg hunting!), but we need to go shopping anyway, because I’m tired of digging through the cupboards playing What Will These Taste Like Together.

Ever played that kitchen game? lol

At least it’s one good way to make sure someone in the house eats that random packet of sardines, or herring in red sauce. (I’ve never bought any, but we’ve got ’em. *shudders)

*      *      *

Mirth and Music Monday is a lot of fun. I get to justify perusing YouTube looking for entertaining videos.😀

Jimmy Stewart telling a joke, everybody!



Here’s a song from my favorite of his movies, Pot O’ Gold, a lively, feel-good movie with a happy ending.



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Are you experiencing a spring cold? How are you coping with the flu fever and cabin fever at the same time?

Have you every watched Pot O’ Gold? What’s your favorite Jimmy Stewart movie?

Did you know he voiced the old sheriff dog in An American Tail: Fieval Goes West? (he’s listed as James Stewart)


#MirthMusicMon – The Fifth Guard

13 Mar

It’s Monday.

Therefore it’s time for Mirth and Music Monday!:)


This is such a cute video.

I hope you get a kick out of it, too.



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#MirthMusicMon – Horribly Shy

6 Mar

Do you have the sort of outer personality that makes people look at you funny when you tell them you’re shy?

I do.

My husband can’t believe I was a wallflower in childhood and most of my teens. The couple of things that really pulled me out of my shell were the fact that I am the oldest sibling (and I’ve always taken that pretty seriously. Do not mess with my sisters. Seriously. I hate digging holes.😉 ), and theater.

Theater taught me how to put on an outer personality of pleasant happiness, even when I’m in a foul mood or hurting. Very few people can see through that if it’s really on right. In fact, I once had a sister turn to me, after a particularly offensive conversation with someone, and tell me she’d been waiting for me to reach over and strangle him. When I asked her why she told me she knew he was getting to me because I was being ever more polite. (That conversation still makes my blood boil a bit. grrr. If I had a choice super power I’d prefer water bending. Then I could blood bend and force choke… just a little. Very occasionally. Yes, I’m a little bit evil. Just a pinkys worth.)

Anyway, way off topic.

I am, deep down, introverted. So, this song makes me laugh.


It’s a really fun play called Once Upon a Mattress. If you ever get a chance to see this filmed version do. It has Carol Burnett and Tommy Smuthers, besides Tracey Ullman (the Princess) and a few other stars I can’t name right now.

One of these days I’d like to see a quality version live.


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#MirthMusicMon – Boyfriend a la Modem

21 Feb

Forethought. It makes a lot of sense when you have a child who’s not staying asleep after you creep out of bed, but you still need to take care of a blog.

Yep. Too bad it’s back-ordered until September.😉

No, actually she’s playing quite nicely by herself right now, so I’m getting 5 minutes snippets to put this together while monitoring her quest to put everything in her mouth.

I think this is payback for what I put my mother through. But, so far, I haven’t had to call poison control.

Yet. O.O


I found this video early last week:


It kind of makes you think, how few people belong in just one stereotype.

I’m a poetry and short story writing author, book nerd, theater nut/soprano, picky eater/foodie, who’s one herb garden and tie dye skirt away from being a modern hippy, and one baby post away from being a mommy blogger.


Which categories do you fall into?

Are you one of the rare people who is strictly one type?


Before you go give this a listen. It’ll get your toes tapping.😀



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Sorry, I leak big words when I’m tired.  (headdesk…Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)





Never, Ever Give up Complaining for Lent

12 Feb

Does it count as complaining if I couch this in comedy as a cautionary tale?

I hope not.

*        *       *       *       *       *

Ok, so Wednesday night, I decided after seeing stuff about Lent on Facebook that this year might be a good one to participate again. I couldn’t, however, think of anything practical to give up, so it went to the way-side. Last night, a day late, I came across more stuff about Lent, and then some inspirational stuff about stopping complaining and trying to view the positive and be thankful for it.

Well, after getting the idea in my head I liked it.

It might have helped if I’d concentrated on the right end of that idea, though.

So last night I set myself up for success by staying up even later than normal. Genus, right?

This morning came far too fast when Kathleen woke up an hour earlier than usual.

Then we had a present from a dog on the kitchen floor. Eew!

Things went normally for a bit as I did my little morning routine while baby watched Kipper, then I got a bowl of cereal. That’s when she decided it was imperative that she be held…Right Now!

No can do, Pumpkin, I have my hands full with the need for fuel. So she wore down my patience with heartbreaking cries between kisses and momentary distractions of shiny toys. I, not the fastest eater in the world due to a tummy that does not take kindly to it, did my best to wolf down my food.

After changing her diaper we head for bed again, where she naps for an hour, two hours early.

She wakes up and we exit the bedroom heading for her changing table…

And encounter a very proud of himself Labrador finishing off the nose of her changing table teddy.

Can this day get any more fun?

Yes. Yes, it can.

I go to microwave some leftovers for an early lunch and the breaker for the kitchen goes. So, I go to find Lonnie and tell him what kind of day I’m having. He goes and flips the breaker back on and holds Kathleen while I get started eating.

Uh, so that’s been the day so far. I spent the entire time looking for things to Not complain about. See the problem?

Now, what could this day have gone like if I’d been concentrating on the second half of the saying? What if I had been looking for the positive? The things to be thankful for?

Well, for starters, we all woke up this morning. No one came down with a surprise cold. Baby’s diaper didn’t overflow. See? A whole list of things before even getting out of bed.

I could have been thankful Lonnie remembered to get the trash out the night before, so there wasn’t much for him to clean up.

We had cereal and milk for me to eat.

When I got her to bed Kathleen fell asleep quickly and solidly, which allowed me to take a bit of a nap, too.

After waking up, she eliminated  quickly, so I was able to clean it up with only one wipe.

The dog, while oh so proud of his taking out of the evil stuffed animal, did not argue with me when I took the poor thing away from him. And he hadn’t had time to do more damage than removing the nose. It will take a bit of work to fix it, but it is salvageable and still cute.

When I told Lonnie about the blown breaker he didn’t complain or procrastinate. He put aside what he was doing and fixed the problem. Then he held and entertained the baby while I ate the bulk of my food. And, now, rather than going back to his project, he’s hanging out with us, watching silly sci-fi stuff helping corral baby so I can get this blog post out.

See? If I’d looked at the day (as I will now be viewing the rest of Lent) in that light I probably wouldn’t have ended up in a foul mood. Thankfully it was temporary, because I thought about this blog and all of you, and the fact that it might entertain and possible enlighten someone.

Even more to be thankful for.:)

Thank you for reading this.

Thank you for being my friends.


So, how about a little post themed entertainment from Mr. Perry Como?




Now if you’ll excuse me, Kathleen has a book and an expectant look.

Time to go read to my baby.:)





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