#MirthMusicMon – The Break Up Song

20 Apr

I would say this is a good night. My pretty baby is asleep in my lap, I have chocolate chip cookies and trail mix and I just watched half a season of Doc Martin. Life is good.

Tomorrow is going to be fun, though…(Uh, yeah, it’s after midnight, so…) Today is going to be fun. Not. I get the honor of calling 3 hospitals, 2 transport companies, a clinic, a Pediatric Anesthesiologist, and a couple other places that escape memory at the moment to tell them that we nagged enough to get Kathleen’s Medicaid start date retroactive to birth. (Yay!)

It’s a lot easier than earning millions of dollars to pay them ourselves, but I still don’t like dealing with “…for billing, press 4…”

That’s enough of that, though, because it’s time for Mirth and Music Monday!

I don’t know why this song makes me giggle so hard, but it does. :D

Rhett & Link are definitely their own brand of funny.



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Have a great week!




#MirthMusicMonday – The Muppets…Again?!?

13 Apr

Yes, again.

Because I can. So there.

Mirth and Music Monday’s video is…

Ah, I hear my own little Animal calling for Mama.

Blogging time is over for now. I hope you have a pleasant Monday.

Or, at least that you survive it. ;)


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#MirthMusicMon – Chef

6 Apr

I have the flu, and I’m typing one-handed because Kathleen will not sleep unless held (thankfully, she’s only this way about 1/3 the time). So today’s Mirth and Music Monday post will be short and sweet. Or, actually, salty and fishy…

I love that guy, eh, Muppet.


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I hope you had a great Easter, and a great rest of the week. :)




Selling & Social Media–DON’T Be a Personal Space Invader

2 Apr


Some great advice from author and social media guru Kristen Lamb. When my new computer arrives I will be implementing more of the advice in her book. A computer that doesn’t have a heart attack at the mere mention of Hootsuite will be so nice. lol

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:

Johnny Cat wants to write his memoir... Johnny Cat wants to write his memoir…

We writers are kinda weird…okay, a LOT weird. We can drift to extremes if we aren’t vigilant. Either we are the non-stop All-Writing-All-The-Time Channel or we’re afraid to mention we have ever read let alone written a book lest we offend anyone. I get it. I struggle, too. We are artists and “selling” feels…ookey.

Yes, ookey is a word.

Marketing feels especially weird in The Digital Age. But why? Also, why is the ROI (Return on Investment) so dismal with traditional marketing tactics? Facebook ads are a notorious waste of money and I doubt the guy who programmed his Twitter to mention his new book five times an hour has seen a massive uptick in sales.

Perhaps death threats, but not sales :D .

I feel that, as we shift from the TV-Industrial complex of the past century and into the Digital Age…

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If You Ask an Actor to Sketch a Book Cover

31 Mar


Oh. My. Goodness. You guys! My friend ReGi McMlain might have one of her books made into a movie!
Come take a peek at her post about it. :)

Originally posted on regimcclain:

339208_288040834556390_474404681_oIf you ask an actor to sketch a book cover, he’ll say, “Models would be better.”

So you’ll say. “Oh, okay. Yeah. I guess that sounds cool. As long as you can keep it under budget.”

So he’ll call all his friends and find out who wants to be on a book cover. He’ll schedule a photo shoot, but someone won’t be able to make it, so he’ll schedule another, and another and you’ll start to panic. He’ll finally get everyone coordinated and you’ll relax.

Before the photo shoot, he’ll point out that all the models are also actors. You’ll send him several snippets of work so they can all get their groove on for the shoot.

He’ll make some suggestions about the cover. You’ll explain why they don’t work. He’ll explain why they do, so you’ll say. “Oh, okay. Yeah. I guess that sounds cool. As long as no…

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#MirthMusicMon – Death has a Bad Day

30 Mar


Wow this has been a crazy day. Between a needy baby, calling to give hospitals her Medicaid I.D. number, keeping me fed and the rest of the household from falling apart it’s been busy.
I am very tired of trying to do everything on my phone. Thankfully my husband is going to order one tomorrow. I really hope it’s here in time for next week’s Mirth and Music Monday.
But I can’t complain too much. I have a beautiful baby girl lying beside me on the bed. She’s growing so fast! At her check up last Monday she was 10 lds 5 oz and 23 1/4 inches long. That means she had put on a pound and an inch in two weeks!

Anyway, enough of that, it’s still Monday, so here’s your Mirth and Music! :D

Originally posted on Rose's Road:

My computer is being a pain, so I’m just going to get right down to things before it realizes it’s cooperating.

This video has made me laugh all 3 times I have seen it.

Hopefully you will find it humorous as well. :)




I’d say that’s a bad day, wouldn’t you?


That’s all for me this week. If you would like to see who else is playing in the merry game of Mirth and Music Monday click HERE.

If you would like to join in the fun with a blog post of your own, that is also the link that will lead you to the simple process of submitting your post. Just make sure your post contains something funny and something musical and away you go. :)


Until next time,

Have a Great week!




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#MirthMusicMon – Dragon… Batting Practice?

23 Mar


Sorry this is so late, and a reblog. I had a meeting with someone who helped me apply for state health insurance for Baby. She also made sure they are doing a 90 day retroactive thing. Thank God.
Literally. 😉
Add to that a daughter who is going through a growth spurt and therefore demands to eat and sleep all the time. Often at the same time. lol
And…in all the remodel shuffle, uh, I can’t find my computer. 😌
But! We have decided that it will be a worthwhile expense and are shopping for a new one anyway.
Alright, enough chatting, on to #MirthMusicMon!

Originally posted on Rose's Road:

This week I have to thank one of my brothers-in-law for finding the video. He showed it to me a couple days ago suggesting its use for my Mirth and Music Monday post. I must admit to some feelings of skeptisizm, but it’s just perfect for today. Especially since I have been laughing as Brian Rathbone (@BrianRathbone) has been so entertaining today with his silly questions like, “If you encounter a dragon at a 4-way stop, who has the right-of-way?”

My answer?: “Dragon. Always.”

Any-hooo… On to the videos! :)

This first one is the animation about the dragons. Enjoy!



Now for the music.

A couple of weeks ago I came across a clip from The Hobbit where the dwarves were singing a song in a hobbit’s living room. It was a cool song, but it didn’t sound… right?… complete?

So I did a little digging…

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#MirthMusicMon – Home Again

16 Mar

Sorry I missed last week’s party. We arrived home last Sunday afternoon after two days on the road from Salt Lake City. Exhaustion is not a strong enough word to describe the state of our little crew.

We have been responsible for the needs and cares of our beautiful bundler for a week now. It’s definitely a labor of love.

If I were a kid from this clip it’s the one who’s asleep at the banister everyone else is cleaning. lol

The last few days have me putting the finishing touches on a task only to wake up to realize that I’d fallen asleep as soon as I started it and just dreamed the rest. Grrr

IIt’s a Hard Knock Life

Sorry about not doing the second link to the video. I’m putting this together on my phone.

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MMM… The MozART Group

2 Mar


Sorry for the reblog, folks, I’m pinned in a rocking chair taking care of my baby girl. I will be very glad when we all get back home and I can do things on my own schedule. Hospital procedure, while necessary, can get in the way of things.
If I recall correctly, I had an inkling that I might have been pregnant when I wrote this post, and tested positive the following Monday. :) The happy calm before the storm. lol

Originally posted on Rose's Road:

That was… an odd week. And this new week will be stranger still. I have so many places to be, people to help, and things that need doing. Next weekend is going to be very full and busy and at the same time probably a little on the slow and empty side.

Yes, at times life becomes one big oxymoron.

Lots of hurry up and wait, if you know what I mean.

Oh, well. You get used to it.

Or you end up in a mental institution talking to your jelly toast.

Either way… eh…

Where was I going with that?


This one is from a group I found a while ago. They’re called the MozART Group. They do classical music with not so much a twist as a spiral.


For more Mirth and Music Monday you can go to The Linky or search for #MirthMusicMon on Twitter.

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A Mid-Week Baby Update

26 Feb

(If You Have no clue what I’m talking about click HERE to read the three former posts about my baby’s, eh…adventure in the NICU.)

Good news!

Right now it’s all good news.

No, we have not been cleared to leave yet.


See, while a doctor has not outright said we should be heading home soon, the nurses (for 3 days now) have been prepping me with lists of what we will have to do and mental preps for ‘when you go home’.

Three days in a row nurses have been telling me that my husband and I will be required to learn infant CPR, she will have to pass a 90 minute car-seat test, that we’ll have to watch a video on how to deal with a crying baby and the way, way what not to do’s.

“When you go home…”

It sounds beautiful.

However, once burned, twice shy.

I have gotten my hopes up once. It hurt when they found another little (but that wasn’t how they made it sound) problem and the timetable was wordlessly thrown out the window.

Sunday evening a nurse informed me that they would re-test my daughter’s red blood cell count in about a week. Therefore I figure we should be here at least through this coming weekend, if not another week after that. But what do I know? I’m just a mom trying to establish breastfeeding while watching her daughter slowly detoxing off morphine.

Lots of fun.

It’s not that bad, really. She’s sometimes a little cranky, sucks on her pacifier like there’s no tomorrow when in need of comfort, and, um, has loose stool. Kinda hard to tell the difference, though, all tiny baby poop is supposed to be pretty loose. *shrugs*

Other than the occasional morphine (they’re not going to make a baby go cold turkey! Youch.), Tylenol (only when she really seems to need it), diuretics (probably because morphine can make you retain water), multivitamins and twice a day iron supplements, she is off medications. These are administered orally, since she no longer has any IV’s. The wires coming off her are just monitors (heart rate, breathing pattern, blood oxygen saturation, …and something else). Other than that the only things going into her are the little nasal prongs from her small oxygen tube, and her feeding tube, which goes up her nose and down into her stomach. She hates it and has been trying (and at times succeeding) to pull anything and everything off of and out of her face since day one.

Today’s nurse put word in for the occupational therapists to come visit me and help get her to take the bottle better (they like their measurements when it comes to food intake), and the lactation department is on notice that I want a consultation ASAP.  Everyone has been running around like chickens with their heads cut off because they’re at capacity for patients, but they will do their best to get around to me. They don’t want us around any longer than necessary, they need the bed space.

Meanwhile I have been enjoying watching her make faces in her sleep, smack herself in the face with an unguided arm-jerk, and the fascination that widens her eyes when I make a certain popping noise with my lips.

It may not be ideal, and certainly not what I had planned, but I am certainly going to enjoy as much of her early days as I can be a part of. They’re only this little for a small amount of time, and believe me, I am soaking it up. :)

Let’s just hope my next post is about our NICU escape plan. lol





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