#MirthMusicMon – Dog’s Best Friend

29 Jun

It’s Mirth and Music Monday!


Here’s an animated short by Disney I’d never seen.



Then there’s one of my daughter’s favorite songs.


I’m going to have to learn the verses for this so I can sing the entire song while pacing with an overtired baby. Much better for my sanity than just singing that short little chorus on repeat. lol


That’s it for me folks.

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Waving Bye-Bye to Dairy

27 Jun

Motherhood. I really am loving it.

Cuddling a sleeping baby, discovering what makes her giggle, cheering as she tries rolling over.

Then there’s a down-side, though.

Kathleen hasn’t been sleeping well lately, which means I haven’t either.

Why isn’t she sleeping well?

It might have something to do with her mild diarrhea and the occasional diaper rash.

(Ya, think?)

Surprisingly, she wakes up to poop. Always has. And she can’t stand wet diapers.

But the diarrhea, according to my research, is most likely caused by all the milk and cheese I have been having lately. Apparently it’s the most common of the foods that throw a baby off when it comes to breastfeeding.

So I have been off milk for most of a week now, cheese and butter ended a couple days ago. If I’m going to do this it may as well be whole hog, right?

Then I found out that it could take up to a couple weeks for it all to clear my system, then another week or two to clear hers!

That means no dairy until at least August!

Instantly my brain started a conga line of all the foods I’m going to have to avoid: pizza, cheeseburgers, tacos, milkshakes, milk with my baked treats or over cereal, cream in my tea, butter on my pancakes… The list just kept going. And it’s not like I can just switch to lactose free milk. She is reacting to the protein in milk, not the sugar.

For a moment I had a bit of a panic attack, then I started talking with Lonnie and discussing how my breakfast will have to change.

Apparently it won’t have to change all that much.

He hasn’t used butter on my eggs for a week now.


Bacon grease.


(Sorry, I had to corral my taste buds. They’d run off to throw flower petals around in a mountain meadow. Where was I?)

All he needed to change was leave out the serving of cheddar cheese.

Same thing with my usual ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. (although he made me a pb & j yesterday)

Dinner last night was chicken, black beans and broccoli, so no big change there.

Really, the only thing this will effect is my snacking and our meals out.

Put into perspective it’s not really that bad.

Plus the litany of things I can no longer eat reminded us just how far off our slow carb diet we have strayed. So, now it’s time to head back to some level of dietary sanity.

Cheat day won’t be the same without dairy, though. *sigh

Fair well, milk. I shall miss thee.


#MirthMusicMon – An A with an Attitude

22 Jun

It’s Mirth and Music Monday! Yay!

Time to pull out the fun. :)

One of my favorite movies is Sister Act.

Here’s part of a scene with both music and mirth:



That’s it for me folks.

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#MirthMusicMonday – Phil Vassar

15 Jun

Lonnie is finishing with a cold.

Kathleen came out with a cough a couple days ago.

And with the way I’ve been sneezing today it wouldn’t surprise me if I’m following in their footsteps.



Just Another Day in Paradise


Did I mention that our washer seems to have already forgotten how to add the water? I’m getting my daily exercise by sticking the baby in a front pack and assisting the wash and rinse cycles with pitchers of water. Ha! She loves it. :D

Life is crazy, sometimes.

Speaking of crazy,

Bobbi with an I


That’s it for me folks.

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#MirthMusicMon – Sibling Rivalry: Disney Style

1 Jun

I think Aristocats is one of the more realistic movies Disney made when it comes to sibling interaction. Although, in my experience it was more likely to turn into an all out brawl rather than a tattling session. lol

So for today’s Mirth and Music Monday I bring you one of my favorite scenes from this film (although they clipped out the painting part).


“You’re not a lady.”

“You’re nothin’ but a sister!”

and then of course,

“Ladies do not start fights. But they can finish them!”



That’s it for me folks.

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But first, tell me, if you’ve seen Aristocats, what’s your favorite part? Where the dogs chase down the butler? When they sing Everybody Wants to be a Cat? How about the part where the mouse is following the cats back to the house to the rescue?

Do you have a different Disney movie that makes you chuckle?



#MirthMusicMon – Dancing Strawhats

25 May

Today’s Mirth and Music Monday has music, dancing, and they make both my daughter and me laugh every time.

Let’s see what you think.


I’m not sure why it makes me laugh, but it does. Slapstick normally turns me off. Perhaps it’s the fact that you can tell they’re too far apart for anyone to really have been smacked? Dunno.

This one is by the same crew, but it has some…bleeps in place of a few words.


This group certainly has some moves. I love it. :)


That’s it for me this week, folks.

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Have a Great week!  :D




#MirthMusicMon – A Kitten and Fever

18 May


My 3.75 month old daughter has not been sleeping well the last couple days. As a result my brain is fried and she’s still jumping me through hoops as she fusses at me…Especially, it seems, when I attempt to be productive. Oh, well. :/

Originally posted on Rose's Road:

It’s that day of the week again.

The one where a small group of bloggers work toward the mutual goal of making you laugh and then listen to some music.

That’s right, Mirth and Music Monday.  :D


This week I came across a video that, yes, is an ad for cat food, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t funny.



Totally unrelated in any context is a song I really like:


Sometimes simplicity is the best. :)


That’s it for me this week.

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Allergy Warning

13 May

I just came across a bottle of chocolate milk with a label that actually says:

Allergy Warning: Contains Milk.





You’re kidding me, right? It has milk in the title!

Give me a break.

Great. Now I want a Kit-Kat bar.

(Hums “Brake me off a piece of that Kit-Kat bar.”)




#MirthMusicMon – Lindsey says Smell the Flowers

11 May

My first official Mother’s Day is finished.

We didn’t do anything very special this year. I took Kathleen to church, gave my Mom a pretty card and let her hold the baby through the sermon (my Uncle held her through the singing), and the church had a BBQ, then gave all the women snap dragons.

I got two plants, because there were too many left after most everyone else headed home. It’ll be fun to rummage through the house to find a pretty pot and then transplant them.

I can’t wait to see if the seed pods really do look like little brown skulls.

Yes, I am weird. Thanks for noticing. :)


On to Mirth and Music!

I’m going to switch it up today with music before mirth.

Because I can. That’s why. :p





Too bad a nice bouquet of flowers costs so much. I would love to buy some occasionally. Alas, it’s not in the budget. :/

But, with my new computer, 3 stories on QuarterReads, a book of poetry on Amazon, and a couple easy (hopefully) to implement money making ideas in the works, we should start heading toward a flowers-because-I-want-them income.



That’s it for me folks.

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#MirthMusicMon – May the 4th!!!

4 May

I think this is the longest my baby has slept with just her dad on the bed. I got up an hour and a half ago to put this post together (had to deal with the dogs and eat a little breakfast first, though) and she is still asleep!

Better hurry before something happens. lol

For this week’s Mirth and Music Monday I decided to celebrate May the 4th (…be with you), aka Star Wars Day!

So without further ado:





Sorry. I totally grew up on the original trilogy of Star Wars, so May the 4th can make me a little giddy. :D


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